Frequently asked questions

Are your products made in the Dominican Republic ?

No, our products are made in Los Angeles where we are based.

How do I apply to be a curlbassador for your brand ?

When we are in search for curlbassadors. It'll be posted on our social media page(s). You will then follow the instructions given.

Do you have giveaways ?

Yes, we will start having giveaways for every 1K followers we gain on Instagram.

Do your products work for all curl types ?

Yes, our products work for all curl types.

Do you offer international shipping ?

At the moment no. But in due time we will offer international shipping.

Will you add more products to your line ?

Yes, currently working on it. But the process is taking alot longer due to COVID.

Do you test your products on animals ?

No, we are a cruelty-free brand. We do not test on animals.

Is Curlsential black-owned ?

Yes, we are black owned.

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