The Brand

Curlsential was founded in 2019.

All of our products are made in small quantities to ensure quality.

We are a Black/Latina women owned brand. We do not believe in testing on animals. Our brand is and will continue to remain cruelty-free. We believe all of our curlfriends should be able to find products that work for their hair type(s). So we have researched and will continue to research ways to formulate products to cater to all hair types. Whether you have a combination of hair types or a mix of hair porosities. We also believe in creating and providing products that do not contain harsh or toxic ingredients. 

As we continue to grow and progress this brand into something amazing. We strive in being a brand that you can trust for all your curly needs.

IMG_1819 2.jpg


“Your butter is super lightweight. Seems thick when you first open the jar. But it is not, doesn't weigh down your hair either.”

- Joheidy on our Caribbean Mango Sorbet Hair Butter - 

“Pre Poo makes detangling soooo much easier. Also smells like grapes. Love it”

- Arelis on our Dominican Oil Blend - 

“My personal fave oil to use to massage my scalp.”

-India on our Dominican Oil Blend-

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